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Beyond the Great DivideEssays on European avant gardes from East to West

Preface. Lisbeth Rebollo Gonçalvez, President, AICA

Editorial notes

Foreword. Henry Meyric Hughes, Jean-Marc Poinsot

Introduction. Daniel Grúň, Central Europe from a Perspective of Pluralism and Tolerance

I. Central European Art between East and West

Tomáš Štrauss, Allegro Barbaro: Béla Bartók, Ethnography, Music and Visual Art
Tomáš Štrauss, Lajos Kassák's Stimuli: A Kind of Update and Afterword
Tomáš Štrauss, Kosiče in the '20s: From Expressionism to Abstraction

II. Conceptualism and Action Art of the 1960s and 1970s

Tomáš Štrauss, Three Model Situations of Contemporary Art Actions
Tomáš Štrauss, Conceptual Art as an Analysis of the Medium and a Model of Reality (Notes on the Development of Art 1970–1975)

III. Negotiating East European Art

Tomáš Štrauss, Art in Eastern Europe: A Phenomenological Model
Tomáš Štrauss, ‘Ostkunst’ – But with a Question Mark: A Developmental Sketch of a Different yet Similar Art


Selected Bibliography

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