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Tacet n° 01 – Who is John Cage?

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Matthieu Saladin, John Cage tested by a few “field situations”


In search of John Cage

Philip Gentry, The Cultural Politics of 4'33' : Identity and Sexuality
Sarah Troche, Cage as Frankenstein: Monstrosity and Indeterminacy of Performance
Jean-Yves Bosseur, The Question of Cage's Legacy

Thinking the silence

Xabier Erkizia, Listening To Our Own Deafness
Seth Kim-Cohen, I Have Something To Say, But I'm Not Saying It
Michael Pisaro, Nicht alles, nicht nichts : etwas. The opposing tensions of John Cage's 0'00'' and Roaratorio

Conceptual Music: Cage, below & beyond

Sophie Stévance, John Cage Tunes Into the Redefinition of the Musical Field by Marcel Duchamp and the Emergence of a Conceptual Music
Mattin, Cage as a Cage: Towards Conceptual Improvisation


John Cage, A Composer's Confessions
John Cage's Library Reconstructed Through His Sayings and Writings


Matthieu Saladin, The Fetish Character in Experimental Music
Radu Malfatti, The Difference Between a Sea and a River is: Two Consistencies of Different Kinds
Toshiya Tsunoda, Field Recording and Experimental Music Scene
Jérôme Noetinger, Aus den sieben Tagen by Karlheinz Stockhausen


Kenneth Silverman, Begin Again: A Biography of John Cage, by Philip Thomas
Julia Robinson (ed.), The Anarchy of Silence : John Cage and Experimental Art, by Rob Haskins
Stephen Chase & Philip Thomas (ed.), Changing the System : The Music of Christian Wolff, by Ivana Miladinović Prica
Olivier Lussac, Fluxus et la musique, by Cyrille Bret

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