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Dynamics of Expansion and ReductionSelected Writings on Korean Contemporary Art

Marek Bartelik, President, AICA

Jean-Marc Poinsot, Series Editor

Biography and Acknowledgements
Chung Yeon-shim, Hongik University, Seoul


Dynamics of Expansion and Reduction, 1970
Thinking White?, 1975
On Combining Tradition and the Contemporary, 1981
Sustaining and Overcoming Modernism – On 1980s Art, 1989
1970s Art and After, 1980s, 1991
Modernism in Korea Art, late 1980s, 1991
Working with Nature – Six Korean Painters, 1992
The Current Status of Contemporary Art – One Aspect of Diversification, 1992
Reduction and Expansion in Contemporary Art – On the Art of Modernism and After, 1987
L'Art informel in 1960s Korea, 1984
The Korean War and Korean Art, 1989
Korean Contemporary Art: The Trajectory of a Decade 1966-1976, 1976
Hyperrealist Painting in Korea, 1979


Spiritual Abstraction, Calligraphic Abstraction – The Oeuvre of Lee Ung-no, 1977
Black Dansaekhwa – Kim Ki-rin's Exhibition in Seoul, 1977
The Pipe Tube, from Compositional Element to Internalisation – Lee Seung-jio's Exhibition, 1979
Intimate Space for Breathing - Chung Sang-hwa's Exhibition, 1980
Choi Myoung-young - Conditional Planes, 1980
Overcoming Constructive Illusionism – Suh Seung-won's Solo Exhibition, 1982
The Life of Paper and its Transfiguration - Kwon Young-woo's Exhibition, 1982
Lee Ufan: A Picture That Does Not Look Like A Picture, 1984
Between Paper and Paper – Exhibition of Work by Chung Chang-sup, 1984
Ha Chong-hyun: Non-Painterly Paintings, 1984
On Reduced Sculpture as Structure – Park Suk-won Sculpture Exhibition, 1984
Park Seo-bo: The Recent Myobeob (Écriture) Series, 1985
Intention and Beyond Intention – Exhibition of Work by Lee Kang-so, 1985
Lee Dong-youb's Aesthetics of Creation and Extinction, 1985
Time and Space as Continuity – Exhibition of Sculpture by Park Chong-bae, 1986
On Shim Moon-seup's The Tree God, 1986
An Exhibition of Collages by Shin Sung-hee, 1988
Yun Hyong-keun – A Debate, 1990
A Sculptor Dreams of Perpetual Soaring – Four Decades of Sculpture by Kim Chung-sook, 1992
Kim Tschang-yeul – These Are Not “Water Drops”, 1993
The Constellation of Eternal Nostalgia – Kim Whan-ki's Twentieth Anniversary Retrospective, 1994
Yoo Young-kuk – A Model of Korean Modernist Painting, 1996

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