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Social MediaNew Masses

An Introduction in Ten Theses
I. Which Crowds?

Inge Baxmann

Christian Borch
Crowd Mediation. On Media and Collective Dynamics

Christiane Heibach
From Masses to Collectives. Dimensions of a Discursive Paradigm Shift

Florian Sprenger
Inertia, Acceleration, and Media/Theory

Irina Kaldrack and Theo Röhle
Creating Subsets of the Masses. Taxonomies, Orders, and Crowds in Facebook's Open Graph Protocol

Roland Meyer
Augmented Crowds. Identity Management, Face Recognition, and Crowd Monitoring
II. Which Media?

Claus Pias

Wolfgang Hagen
Discharged Crowds. On the Crisis of a Concept

Michael Andreas
“Open” and “Free.” On Two Programs of Social Media

Dirk Baecker
The Sociology of Media

Sebastian Vehlken
Reality Mining. On New (and Former) Methods of Social Simulation

Christopher Engemann
Human Terrain System. Social Networks and the Media of Military Anthropology
III. Which Public Spheres?

Tim Beyes

Sascha Simons
The Ornament of Mass Customization. On the Collective Consciousness of Dispersed Examiners

Carolin Wiedemann
Collectivity without Identity. Anonymous, Flexible Infrastructures, and the Event of the Common

Mirko Tobias Schäfer
Unstable (Counter) Publics. Online Platforms as Hybrid Forums for Socio-Political Debates

Christoph Bieber
Towards and Ethics of the Leak?. WikiLeaks as a Programmed Public Sphere

Peter Krapp
Between the Madness and the Wisdom of Crowds. Computer Games and the Distraction Economy
IV. Commentaries

Marie-Luise Angerer
Short-Circuiting the Masses

Charles Ess
Falling Between Two Chairs – or Three, or…
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