les presses du réel

Interviews, conversations, and chit-chat (1986-2004)

Qualities, being hidden: John C. Welchman interviews Mike Kelley about interviewing (2005)

Michael Smith
Mike talks to Mike about "Mike" (1986)

Kim Gordon
Forget M/M, K/T is the trip (1991)

Larry Clark
In youth is pleasure (1992)

Jutta Koetter
Interview (1994)

John Waters
The dirty boys (1996)

Harmony Korine
On Gummo (1997)

Jim Shaw
Here comes everybody (1998)

Richard Prince
See you at the Velvet Goldmine (1999)

Tony Oursler
An endless script (1999)

AA Bronson
General Idea editions (2003)

Kim Gordon & Thurston Moore
Sonic nurse (2004)

Jeffrey Sconce
I've got this strange feeling... (2004)
Mike Kelley : autres titres

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