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Composing DifferencesImagining New Models for Knowledge Production and Exchange

Composing Differences: A User's Manual [MAP]
Virginie Bobin

Producing Subjectivity, Producing the Common: Three challenges and a slightly long postscript on what the common is not [RESOURCE]
Judith Revel

Who Buys the Milk? On Institution-Making [ECHO]
A conversation between Nova Benway, Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau, and Jonathan Hoskins

A Liquid Revolution: For a community without Money, Management, or Political Representation, a we-can-do-it-ourselves economy, a for-free economy [UNFRAMED]
Jan Ritsema

The Future is a Proposal [METHODOLOGY]
Triple Canopy

Notes for a Society of Performance: On Dance, Sports, Museums, and Their Users [RESOURCE]
Bojana Cvejić

On the Verge of Meaning [ECHO]
A conversation between Jeffrey Mansfield and Noé Soulier, moderated by Virginie Bobin

Excursion [ECHO]
Esther Salmona

In Retrospect: On the Ethics of Availability [ECHO]
Guillaume Fayard

Navigating Epistemologies [METHODOLOGY]
Glass Bead (Fabien Giraud, Jeremy Lecomte, Vincent Normand, Ida Soulard, and Inigo Wilkins)

The Pedagogy of Art as Agency: Or the Influence of a West Coast Feminist Art Program on an East Coast Pioneering Reflection on Performance Art [RESOURCE]
Géraldine Gourbe

Minding the Gap between Watching and Witnessing: Toward a Curriculum of Social Activism [METHODOLOGY]
Noah Chasin

The Hull-House Settlers: Or Feminist and Pragmatist Friendship as a Way of Life [RESOURCE]
Géraldine Gourbe

Institutional Composition [METHODOLOGY]
Council (Grégory Castéra and Sandra Terdjman)

Eating Biscuits, a Revolution: A philosophical dialogue about everything for kids and adults [UNFRAMED]
Perrine Bailleux


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