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DanseA Catalogue

DANSE: a catalogue
Edited by Noémie Solomon

Dance's Elsewheres
Noémie Solomon

PART I. Present Histories

My Lunch With Will: On Alain Buffard and Anna Halprin
Thomas J. Lax and Will Rawls

Choreographies of the Archive
Christophe Wavelet and Catherine Perret

Seeing Without Believing
Douglas Dunn and Noémie Solomon

New York Topologie
Julie Perrin

PART II. Foreign Intimacies

Incommensurable Gestures
Emmanuelle Huynh and Judy Hussie-Taylor

Dance and the Erotics of Knowledge
Peggy Phelan and Noémie Solomon

Biting the Real: Poetics of Otherness
Latifa Laâbissi and Bojana Bauer

Five Attempts: Thoughts on Dance in America
Claudia La Rococo

PART III. Collective Acts

Their Retrospectives
Xavier Le Roy and Adrian Heathfield

Paris, Burning: Minority Visibility and Hip-Hop Choreography
Felicia McCarren

Improvised Collections
Boris Charmatz and Ana Janevski

The Collaborative Turn in Contemporary Dance:
Performance Capitalism and The Emancipation of Artistic

Boyan Manchev



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