les presses du réel

Perfect Magazine

Gilbert & George
– Ten Commandment For Gilbert & George

Eva et Adèle

Simon Patterson
– Lenin

Cerith Wyn Evans
– Mot Always Allready

Susie Green

Graham Gussin
– Terrain vague

Vuk Cosik
– Asch History of Art For the Blind

Poly Staple
– Rapture In the Spectacle

Lawrence Weiner

Sam Samore
– The Lovers 101

Helianthe Bourdeaux Maurin
– Convictions premières

Erna Rijsdijk
– The Making of Srebenica Into a Global Accident

Matthew Higgs
– Success Can Be Overcome

360 corp

Art & Language
– Wrong Healed In Official Hope

Mike Dawson

Daniel Buren
– Photos souvenirs from le musée qui n'existait pas

Steven Parrino

David Medalla
– Perfect Day, Perfect Night, Perfect Dawn

Angela Bulloch
– Inuit Words For Snow

Phoebe Unwin

Jemima Stehli

Lev Manovich
– Soft cinema, PE


Christophe Kirsch

Nick Crowe
– Tim Berners Lee

Guy Brett
– From the Itinerant Note-maker

Émilie Renard
– Kawaii

Mark Borthwick
– No Mark

The Wrong Gallery in interview with Tom Morton

Elena Filipovic
– Notes On the Illegible (Reading Duchamp)

Christian Boltanski in interview with Hans Ulrich Obrist

Christian Boltanski
– The Perfect Death

Svetlana Heger

Didier Marcel

Liam Gillick

Carine Boyadjan-Leroy
– « (d'ordinaire) la beauté n'a pas de charme »

Eric Troncy
– « Coolo Lustre » de M/M (Paris)

Yoko Ono
– Peace Event From John Lenon

Niele Toroni in interview with Hans Ulrich Obrist

Tim Albertsen
– Lose Lose

Roman Opalka

Martin Creed
– Work n° 290

Michael Craig Martin
– Study For Eye Of the Storm

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