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Bojana Cvejić
Xavier Le Roy's “Retrospective”: Choreographing a Problem, and a Mode of Production

Bojana Cvejić
“Giving Time Without Losing It”: Interview with Xavier Le Roy

Laurence Rassel (in conversation with Christophe Wavelet)
Questioning the Institution

Goran Sergej Pristaš
Double Exposure

Christophe Wavelet
On the Shores of Exhibition

Claire Bishop
“I Don't Want No Retrospective”: Xavier Le Roy and the Exhibition as Medium

Peter Osborne
Dialectical ontology of art: Xavier Le Roy's “Retrospective” in/as contemporary art

Laurent Goldring
Hypothesis Number Sixteen: The Image of the Museum

Corinne Diserens

Sketch for a retrospective narrative for the exhibition
“Retrospective” by Xavier Le Roy


Bojana Cvejić
Interviews with Xavier Le Roy about his works as materials for “Retrospective”
Narcisse Flip (1994)
Self Unfinished (1998)
Product of Circumstances (1999)
Giszelle (2001)
Untitled (2005)
The Rite of Spring (2007)
Product of Other Circumstances (2009)
The first interview about Retrospective


Vera Knolle
From Slime to Concept and Maybe Back Again – A Plea for “(Post)Conceptual Dance”

Aimar Pérez Galí
Can the dancer “speak”?

Ben Evans
Producing a “Retrospective”

Carme Torrent
To Spacetime

Volmir Cordeiro
Somewhere between Rage and Training: Two Bits of Experience Starting with “Retrospective”

“Retrospective”: Credits
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