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les presses du réel

DanseAn Anthology

Sophie Claudel

Noémie Solomon

I. Times, scores, techniques

Le Quatuor Albrecht Knust
Dominique Brun, Anne Collod, Simon Hecquet, Christophe Wavelet

Rests in Pieces: On Scores, Notations and the Trace in Dance
Myriam Van Imschoot

Subversion of the Dancing Body: Autonomy on Display
Bojana Kunst

On the Use of the Concept of Modernity and Its Perverse Effects in Dance
Michel Bernard

Rebelling Against Limit
Jonathan Burrows

On Notation
Laurence Louppe

Dancing the Virtual
Erin Manning

Dance, the Metamorphosis of the Body
Boyan Manchev, Xavier Le Roy, Franz Anton Cramer

II. Writing, images, affects

Toward a Critical Reading of Contemporary Dance
Yvane Chapuis

To End with Judgment by Way of Clarification
Bojana Cvejic

A Common Place
Isabelle Ginot

The Perfect Dance Critic
Miguel Gutierrez

Jennifer Lacey & Nadia Lauro: Choreographic Dispositifs
Alexandra Baudelot

Loose Association: Emmanuelle Huynh and Trisha Brown
Julie Perrin

A Dance That Is
Marten Spangberg

Steal, Duplicate, Unmask, Stretch, Connect, Intoxicate a Dance-image
Isabelle Launay

Dear N
Jenn Joy

III. Spaces, things, worlds

Manifesto for a Dancing Museum
Boris Charmatz

Emails 2009-2010
Jérôme Bel & Boris Charmatz

Museum Artifact Act
Mark Franko

Performative Practices / Critical Bodies # 2: What Makes Dance
Céline Roux

Disobedience and DIY
Laurent Goumarre

Expanded Dance
Chantal Pontbriand

9 Variations on Things and Performance
André Lepecki

Come Home Charley Patton
Ralph Lemon



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