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Site of Sound #2Of Architecture and the Ear (+ CD)

Brandon LaBelle
Introduction: sound, art and ephemeral culture

Cláudia Martinho
Relational architecture through listening

Justin Bennett
Shotgun Diary

Michael Gendreau
Concerted Structures

Jean-Paul Thibaud
The Three Dynamics of Urban Ambiances

Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec
Recontextualizing Sound

Jacob Kreutzfeldt
Copenhagen Sonic Experience Map

Björn Quiring
The Foundational Sounds of Vitruvius

Jenny Pickett & Julien Ottavi
Dream Sweepers and The Murmur of Imaginary Architectures

Nigel Helyer
The Nomadic Ear: Sonography, Cartography and the design of Sonic Narratives for Non-linear Experiencer

Oliver Laric
Songs Translated to Buildings

Usman Haque
Evolving Sonic Environment

David Schafer
Mind the Gap

Anthony Kelly & David Stalling
Urban Utopias / Ghost Signals 1 & 2

Carrie Bodle

Jodi Rose
Why Bridges? Why Sound?

Scott Arford & Randy Yau
Filling the Void: The Infrasound Series

Pascal Broccolichi
Interview by Thierry Davila

Natasha Barrett and Birger Sevaldson
Sound and architectural immersive spatial installations Barely: part 1 and part 2

Brandon LaBelle
Room Tone

Riccardo Benassi
The eternally living flame

Franz Pomassl
Selected location and spatial based sound installations (temporary and permanent)

Art on Air

James Webb
Activating and Amplifying

Edwin van der Heide
The Audience Inside the Instrument

Raviv Ganchrow



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