les presses du réel

Dave Hickey, A House Built in a Body: Lynda Benglis Early Work

Cindy Sherman

Robert Pincus-Witten, Frozen Gestures (1974)
Letters to Artforum' editor (1974)
Richard Meyer, Bone of Contention (2004)

Annette Messager

Elisabeth Lebovici, Lynda Benglis: “Of All Matters...”
Judith Tannenbaum, Lynda Benglis: Clandestine Performer
Caroline Hancock, Medusa in Ecstasy
Lynda Benglis and Seungduk Kim in Conversation, Liquid Metal
Franck Gautherot, Life of an Artist (or How to Understand Left Wing Jewellery)
Laura Hoptman, For the Amusement of a Goddess

Ron Gorchov

Lynda Benglis, Works 1966-2009

Marianne Kelly, Knots
Keith Sonnier
John Baldessari

Diana Franssen, Chronology


Lynda Benglis : autre titre

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