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Surface Tension Supplement n° 01

Ken Ehrlich and Brandon LaBelle

Political Meanings: the legacy of interventionist practice in Brazil
Goto Newton

The Art Space Imperative - a recent reading
Aoife O'Brien

Blue Sky Thinking: A Utopia in Bristol
Robin Wilson

Vanishing Points: on the exhibition at the Wexner Art Center, 2005
Claudine Isé

Untitled: Slide Piece Edit
Brandon Lattu

The Architectural Sign: Los Angeles in Buildings and Words
Ken Ehrlich

Let There Be Light: on recent light art
Kathy Battista

Dirty Water Initiative

Night Starring Columbus Ohio

Notes for an Oppositional Urbanism in Baltimore
Scott Berzofsky, Nicholas Petr, Nicholas Wisniewski

Paper Mountains, Disposable Cities
Jennifer Gabrys

Experiments in Reading Experiments in Architecture
Brandon LaBelle

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