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Voids, Centre Pompidou, Paris
Voids, Kunsthalle Bern


Alain Seban
Alfred Pacquement
Philippe Pirotte
Laurent Le Bon

General Introduction

John Armleder
Mathieu Copeland
Gustav Metzger
Mai-Thu Perret
Clive Phillpot


Yves Klein
Denys Riout – “Exaspérations 1958” 37
Yves Klein – The Specialization of Sensibility in Raw Material State into Stabilized Pictorial Sensibility
Mathieu Copeland – Yves Klein at the Salon Comparaisons, 1962, Interview with Jacques Villeglé

Art & Language
Art & Language – The Air-Conditioning Show, 1966–1972
Art & Language – The Air-Conditioning Show Conference, 2008

Robert Barry
Mathieu Copeland – Ideas Come Out of Objects, Interview with Robert Barry

Robert Irwin
Robert Irwin – Statements

Michael Asher
Michael Asher & Benjamin Buchloh – Anna Leonowens Gallery, 1974

Laurie Parsons
Bob Nickas – On Laurie Parsons, 578 Broadway, 11th Floor, May 1990

Bethan Huws
Mathieu Copeland – An Internal Depth, Interview with Bethan Huws
Julian Heynen – On the Haus Esters Piece

Maria Eichhorn
Mai-Thu Perret – Building Works at Kunsthalle Bern
Mai-Thu Perret – Institutional Exposure, Interview with Maria Eichhorn

Roman Ondák
Mathieu Copeland – Making the Invisible Visible, Interview with Roman Ondák

Stanley Brouwn
An Empty Space in the Centre Pompidou
An Empty Space in the Kunsthalle Bern


Laurent Le Bon – He Who Dares Nothing, Wins Nothing
Mathieu Copeland – Qualifying the Void
John Armleder & Parker Williams – … Nothing at All!
Françoise Bonardel – The Path of Emptiness
Branislav Jakovljevic – Hinging on Nothing: Malevich's Total Art
Sarah Wilson – Voids, Palimpsests, Kitsch: Paris Before Klein
Henry Martin – George Brecht: Voids and VOID-Stones
Allan Kaprow & Robert Smithson – What Is a Museum?
Brian O'Doherty – The Gallery as a Gesture
Dean Rickles – Void Ain't What It Used to Be

Gustav Metzger – Conference on Nothing
Clive PhillpotJohn Latham: Noit and Least Event
Lucy Lippard – Making Nothing out of Something
Graham Stevens – On the Nothing Exhibition
Bernard Marcadé – Concept of Nothing
Clive Phillpot – Ray Johnson and Nothing
Robert Rauschenberg – Letter to Betty Parsons
Mathieu Copeland – “Less is more, but I prefer nothing,” Interview with Ben Vautier
Stuart Comer – Voids: Interview with Morgan Fisher
Sébastien Pluot – Include Me Out
Guy De Bièvre – A Full Void

Jean-François Chevrier – No Reward
Astrit Schmidt-Burkhardt – The Zeroing of Art: On the Productive Lacuna of Modernism

John Armleder & Mai-Thu Perret – Disappearing Music for Answers, Interview with Mieko Shiomi
Benjamin H.D. Buchloh – Plenty of Nothing: from Yves Klein's Le Vide to Arman's Le Plein
Henry Flynt – Show in Advance of its Existence, Mudima

Adrian Glew – Amor Vacui
Shumon Basar – Nothing Will Have Taken Place but the Place
Sadie Plant – Eleven Thoughts on Nothing
Arnaud Michniak – It's Not That!
D. T. Suzuki – Prajnâ and Sûnyatâ

Ralph Rugoff – A Brief History of Invisible Art
Tom Marioni – Invisible Text, Paris, 2008, followed by “Invisible Painting and Sculpture”
Henry Michaux – Ineffable Emptiness
Vít Havránek – A Nothing Is a Thing
Didier Semin – A Note on the Duchampian Infra-thin Emergence of the Intelligible in the Perceptible
Anne Mœglin-Delcroix – Neither Word Nor Image: Blank Books
David Toop – Obliquely, by Stealth, into Silence
Joseph Grigely – Note on James Lee Byars' Golden Box for Speaking
Devorah Baum – Nothing and the Jews

Ming Tiampo – Filling the Void: Japanese Vanguard Art After Hiroshima
Reiko Tomii – Voiding the Exhibition: Hi Red Center and Matsuzawa Yutaka
Gustav Metzger – Years Without Art
Mathieu Copeland – To Teach People to Create the Void in their Memories, Interview with Claude Parent
Pavel Büchler – Where Nothing Makes Sense
Olivier Surel – The Anti-Yorick or the Constituting Void
Simon Ford – The Art of the Future Will Be the Overturning of Situations or Nothing
Jon Savage – The Void: New Values

Artists' Pages

Fia Backström, Francis Baudevin, Becky Beasley, Kim Boninsegni, Steve Van den Bosch, Stefan Brüggemann, Philip Corner, Philippe Decrauzat, Peter Downsbrough, Bill Drummond, Jimmie Durham, Nicolas Garait, Vidya Gastaldon, Piero Golia, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Amy Granat, Susie Green, Joseph Grigely, Benita-Immanuel Grosser, Wade Guyton, Hans Haacke, Jon Hendricks, Karl Holmqvist, Alfredo Jaar, Gareth James, Tom Johnson, Ben Kinmont, Alison Knowles, Pablo Leon de La Barra, Dominik Lang, Sherrie Levine, Paul McCarthy, Corey McCorkle, Malcolm McLaren, John Miller, Larry Miller, Olivier Mosset, Otto Muehl, Hermann Nitsch, Yoko Ono, Charlemagne Palestine, Bradley Pitts, Seth Price, Emilio Prini, Pamela Rosenkranz, Claude Rutault, Claude Rychner, Mike Scott, Mieko Shiomi, Sturtevant, Jean Toche, John Tremblay, Phoebe Unwin, Jacques Villeglé, Franz Erhard Walther, Lawrence Weiner, Neal White, Jordan Wolfson

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