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The seven most exciting hours of Mr. Trier's life in twenty-four chapters

Part I
First Chapter – Fucking Charlie
Second Chapter – The Telephone
Third Chapter – Lars von Trier
Fourth Chapter – The Talking Frog
Fifth Chapter – The Crying Boy
Sixth Chapter – Crime and Punishment
Seventh Chapter – An Act of Courage
Eighth Chapter – Martin is No Friend
Ninth Chapter – Snark
Tenth Chapter – With Absolute Loathing
Eleventh Chapter – Government Buildings
Twelfth Chapter – It‘s Urgent
Thirteenth Chapter – Route Change

Part II
Fourteenth Chapter – Science and Faith
Fifteenth Chapter – Just Terrible
Sixteenth Chapter – Karl Stirs at Birth
Seventeenth Chapter – Exorcism
Eighteenth Chapter – On the Floor
Nineteenth Chapter – Q & A
Twentieth Chapter – Blue Barbie
Twenty-First Chapter – Dr. Grovenor
Twenty-Second Chapter – Help Me - God
Twenty-Third Chapter – Apocalypse Now
Twenty-Fourth Chapter – Demon - Doctor - Ghost

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