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Pre-specificsSome Comparatistic Investigations on Research in Design and Art

Martin Wiedmer – Preface

The Editors – The book, its form and its contents

Vera Bühlmann – Pseudopodia. Prolegomena to a discourse on design

Design issues today

Vera Bühlmann – Introduction

Marcel Alexander Niggli – Questions of form and design in jurisprudence

Wolfgang Weingart – Typographical awareness-commited experimenting and critical distance

Christian Pohl and Christoph Küffer – Design and trandisciplinary research

Philipp Sarasin – Design A way of dealing in signs?

Sabine Junginger – Design, product and systems change

Sibylle Omlin, Michael Hagner, Hinrich Sachs and Jürg Stäuble – On the design of a thesis: art goes researching

Eric Zimmerman – Tell me, what is not a «fake» experience?

Sabine Eggmann – Culture constructions or looking for lost foundations

Rita Schneider-Sliwa – The gestalt of geographical space

Christian Zenkner – Thinking in derivations Designing structured financial products

Casper Selg – Design (conflict, concept) for the radio

Thomas Bachmann – Value design

Christian Doelker – Medial primordial soup design and the aquatic turn

Marcel Weber – Biological perspectives

Ben Schweizer – Models

Nathan Brown –Δt: 21st century materialism

Creativity industries

Vera Bühlmann – Introduction

Raymond Guidot – Design in transformation On some of the parameters defining the great changes of tomorrow

Fiona Raby and Anthonny Dunne – Tangible objectivity

Greg Lynn – Generic design Massproducted one-of-a-kind objects

Christopher P. Peterka – For a hippocratic oath in design

Christian Labonte – Strategic design What will a car be, in the future?

Observations, interpretations

Vera Bühlmann – Introduction

Manfred Fassler – Design 2020

Patrick Straumann – The cat and its grin

Irene Müller – Image_bank, use_memory

Joachim Huber – Intelligent skin. Large, non-measurable

Barbara Basting – Owning online art. Study for a Netart gallery

Deanna Herst – Lifeclipper 2: an augmented experience of a timeless city

Klaus Wassermann – The body as form or: desiring the modeling body

Martin Burr – Word casts

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