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Variations of IdentityType in architecture

table of contents
Editorial note by Claudia Mion

Foreword by Rafael Moneo

Preface by Giorgio Grassi


The concept of type as an epistemological foundation of architecture
A logical statement on form
Type and historicity
The cognitive dimension of architecture
Applying Karl R. Popper's epistemology

Permanence and transformation of types
Classification and typology
Typological hybridisations
Form and its utility
Type and place

Type and structure
A critique of the semiotic approach
The concept of transformation in architecture
Type as an elementary structure
Elements and the whole

The notion of type in modern architecture
Monolithic vs. decomposable
Mies from a typological standpoint
Transgressing type
A response to the dilemma between historicism and experimentalism

Postface by Fabio Licitra: Let design speak
Carlos Martí Arís: other titles

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