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Spike #63 – NYC Issue

table of contents
Artist's Favourites
By Cory Arcangel

Curator's Key
Ruba Katrib on Alex Bag's Untitled Fall '95

One Work: Gelatin's The B-Thing
There's so much mystery surrounding Austrian collective Gelatin's The B-Thing that some believe it never really took place. This barely plausible architectural intervention on the ninety-first floor of the World Trade Center in 2000 was shown – once and once only – to a lucky handful of invited guests. Among them was artist Maria Hassabi, who witnessed the events on a Sunday morning in Lower Manhattan. By Maria Hassabi

Exhibition History
Frazer Ward on "Black Male: Representations of Masculinity in Contemporary American Art"

Q/A Kaitlin Phillips
Why isn't anyone having sex in New York?

Essay: Unsovereignty
By Aria Dean

Image Contributions
By Ghislaine Leung, Rainer Ganahl, Rob Kulisek, Jason Hirata, Sonia Leimer

Postcard from Hong Kong
Jaime Chu

Q/A Sean Monahan
Why does New York suck right now?

Portrait: Danny McDonald
By Lia Gangitano

Portrait: Gina Beavers
The New York-based painter culls Instagram and the internet for her images, with a particular fondness for nail art and food porn. The artist anticipates that her works will be reabsorbed by the social media platforms from which they were taken. Tenzing Barshee and Camila McHugh spoke to Gina Beavers about trying too hard, making your own memes, and the realness of the world.

Portrait: E'Wao Kagoshima
By Sven Loven

Essay: Outsourcing a Neighbourhood
By Joanna Kloppenburg

Q/A KJ Freeman
What is the relationship between art and real estate in New York?

Carol Greene interviewed by Kari Rittenbach

Field Notes
By Lucas Mascatello

Mike Pepi on Reed Partners

Jordan Barse on raiding Barneys

Natasha Stagg on New York Fashion Week

Q/A Tim Griffin
What happened to underground music in New York?

By Kenny Schachter, Thea Westreich Wagner, Kasper König, Colin Lang, and Verena Dengler

The End is Night
By Jeanne Graff

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