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Italienische Stücke (CD)

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Liquid Piece (1975) 10'00
for flute, contact microphone and 100 glasses of water
Christina Kubisch: flute and voice
Fabrizio Plessi: water gargling and voice recorded live by Phill Niblock at Experimental Intermedia Foundation, New York, 1976

Identikit (1974) 12'59
for five piano players at one grand piano, five cassette tapes and headphones
Recorded live at festival Pro Musica Nova, Radio Bremen, 1976

Circles 1 (1984) 5'34
for voice and tape delay
Christina Kubisch: flute
Realised at Studio RDS, Milan

Kleine Liebe Violet (1983) 9'42
Christina Kubisch: voice, flute, slide whistle, conch, objects
Arturo Morfino: voice, drums, guitar, objects
Realised at Studio RAI, Naples

Costante Variabile (1981) 19'12
sedici percorsi per un paesaggio sonoro
Christina Kubisch: flute, field recordings, custom made electronics, radio signals and electromagnetic objects
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