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CritiqueThe Stakes of Form

table of contents
Sami Khatib, Holger Kuhn, Oona Lochner, Isabel Mehl, Beate Söntgen
Critical Stances: An Introduction to The Stakes of Form

Form of Critique

Heiko Stubenrauch
How to Do Materialistic Dialectics with Words? Adorno and the Resistance of Presentation

Eva Geulen
Expression and Suffering; Semblance and Mimesis
(Notes on an Enigmatic Passage in Adorno's Aesthetic Theory)

Sami Khatib
Marx, Real Abstraction, and the Question of Form

Forms of Work / Forms of Life

Birgit M. Kaiser and Kathrin Thiele Forms of Critique, Modes of Combat

Oona Lochner
“To Arlene on Wings of Love”: Shared Forms of Life, Art, and Writing

Beate Söntgen
Decorating Charleston Farmhouse: Bloomsbury's Experiments in Forms of Life, Work, and Art

Writing Differently / Writing the Self

Isabel Mehl
Feedback Systems: Artwriting as Critique?

On Slowing Down and Not Being Shy
A Conversation Between Chris Kraus and Isabel Mehl

Lynne Tillman
The Horse's Eye

Masha Tupitsyn
Editing as the Practice of Criticism

Maria Fusco

Thomas Glaser
Roland Barthes' Critical Writing from the Materials of Cy Twombly—and the Criticism of Form in the Early Texts of Lukács and Benjamin

The Scene as Form

Bettine Menke
Gesture and Citability: Theater as Critical Praxis

Mimmi Woisnitza
The Stakes of the Stage: Piscator's Scenography as a Practice of Critique and Benjamin's Discontent with the “Zeittheater”

Sebastian Kirsch
Why Streets Are No Longer Paved with Theater Gold: Critique and Stage Form(s)

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