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The Middle MatterSound as interstice

table of contents
—Caroline Profanter, Henry Andersen, and Julia Eckhardt

Annotations—Enrico Malatesta
Sonic Harbour—Séverine Janssen
Magical stones, echoes, and music for animals and atmosphere: An interview with Akio Suzuki—Tomoko Sauvage
From the Mechanism of Speech to the Mechanism of Meaning—Lila Athanasiadou
Playing Guqin—Carolyn Chen
Siren Song—Justin Bennett
Togethering, of the open body—Brandon LaBelle
Towards a Vaginal Listening—Anna Raimondo and Edyta Jarząb

Jonathan Frigeri
Paulo Dantas
Melissa E. Logan
Isabelle Stragliati
Alice Pamuk
Klaas Hübner
Wederik De Backer
Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay
Lucie Vítková

Ghosts of the Hidden Layer—Jennifer Walshe
What is Performative Distribution?—Gary Schultz
The Sound is Breathing: An interview with Beatriz Ferreyra—Caroline Profanter
Hearing is the Only Thing that Works: An interview with Annette Vande Gorne—Caroline Profanter
Unstable Contacts—Salomé Voegelin
100 Questions about Sound and Language—Marc Matter
Peripheries—Franziska Windisch
Flutter Echoes—David Toop
Touching Sound—Pierre Berthet and Rie Nakajima
?reversE in thinkinG — sounD — Mark Fell

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