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Octopus notes #09

table of contents
Camille Vivier, 2017

Oporto: Alexandre Estrela and Ana Baliza talk to Justin Jaeckle

Prove we're wrong. An essay on Bern Porter, Alice Dusapin

JGL, Set of photographs sent to Bern Porter, c. 2000

Mark Melnicove, Cut-Outs & Visual Poems, 2019

«Le visible d'une vision sans sujet, l'objet de l'oeil de personne »
Wade Guyton, Seth Price & Kelley Walker, Zoe Stillpass

Douna Lim & Théo Pesso, Painting on Tanks, 2019

Umbilicoplastic Fantastic: Greer Lankton, Paul Monroe

« There's a loneliness often; there can be eroticism too. »
Merlin James in conversation with Tenzing Barshee

Tomás Cunha Ferreira, Fulfil, 2013-2019

Top Stories, a prose periodical (1978-1991)

Erika Vogt, 2019

Pati Hill, Dreams Objects Moments

Top Stories #3: 3 Stories by Pati Hill, 1979
Mrs. Starling; The Falcon; The Ballad of Annie Bates

Carlo Pittore, 1984-1986

Lil Picard unterhält sich mit Hubert Fichte, New York, 1975-1976

Lil Picard s'entretient avec Hubert Fichte, New York, 1975-1976

Martin Wong, Footprints Poems + Leaves, 1968

Courtesy / Remerciements

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