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Chronotopic Traverses

table of contents
Preface / Préface
Nicolas Bourriaud

Intro / Introduction

Floor Plan / Plan

Knotty Spell in Chunky Forest, 2016
Knotty Spell in Wind Plumes, 2016
Knotty Spell in Windy Drapes, 2016
Sonic Half Moon Type II – Large Light #21, 2014
Sonic Half Moon Type III – Large Light #22, 2015
Sonic Half Moon Type IV – Large Light #23, 2015
Sonic Rampant Obscure Turbine Vents, Double Decker – Bushy Feet, 2018
The Intermediate – Dangling Hairy Hug, 2018
The Intermediate – Dragged Hairy Hug, 2018
The Intermediate – Occitanian Vagabond, 2018
The Intermediate – Running Squeezed Two-tone Fan Dance, 2016

Non-material and Flat Modalities / Modalités immatérielles et planes
Carsick Drawing – Toward Huu Nghi and Youyiguan #1, 2016
Carsick Drawing – Toward Huu Nghi and Youyiguan #2, 2016

A Chronology of Conflated Dispersion – Duras and Yun / Chronologie d'une dispersion combinée – Duras et Yun, 2018
Supplementary Introduction to Composer Isang Yun (1917–1995)
Présentation additionnelle au compositeur Isang Yun (1917–1995)

Program / Programme

List of Exhibited Works / Liste des œuvres exposées

Genealogy of Wallpapers and Murals / Généalogie des papiers peints et des œuvres murales

Haegue Yang: other titles

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