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The Last LP (vinyl LP)

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Wu Ting Dee Lin Chao Cheu 6:09
(Announcing the Arrival of the Emperor Wu Ting)
The Orchestra of the National Music Institute, Seoul Korea

Si Nopo Da 3:42
(By What Signs Will I Come to Understand?) Women of the Bo-sa-so-sho tribe, Niger, S.E. Africa

Ohwachira 9:34
Water ceremony performed by Miantonomi and Cree tribespeople, Quebec, Canada

I Ching Dee Yen Tzen 3:41
(The Strings of Love)
Tarn Wing Lun on the Hui Tra, Ontario, Canada

Póhl'novyessnikh (Full to the Brim) 0:29
Performed by a 16-member male choir, Varda, Carpathia, USSR

Speech in Klögen 2:12
by Okash, Northern Finland


Mbowunsa Mpahiya 7:59
(Battle Song of Bowunsa)
Performed by male members of the Kpam Kpam tribe, Angola, West Africa

Quuiasukpuq Quai Gami 2:14
(He is Happy Because He Came)
Performed by Ani'ksa'tuk of the Tornarssuk tribe, Siberia USSR

Amitābha Chenden Kālā 6:32
(The Simultaneous Welcome of Amitabha)
Performed by the 12 monks of the Kagyupa Sect, Bhutan

Roiakuriluo 9:36
(Dawn Ceremony)
Performed by Sabané, Elahe, Brazil

Raga Lalat 2:53
Performed by Palak Chawal, Benares, India
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