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Tacet #02 – Experimentation As Questioning

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table of contents
Matthieu Saladin, Experimentation As Questioning


Historical Pluralism of Experimentation
Pauline Nadrigny, Experimental Music According to Pierre Schaeffer: Phenomenology Laboratory Conditions
You Nakai, Lost Informations: Selected Perspectives on ‘Experimental Actions' (1948-1972)
Johan Girard, Experimenting on Tape: Terry Riley and Steve Reich Respond to the Poetics of Indeterminacy

Experimenting With Experience
Sébastien Biset, Experimental or Experiential? Exploratory Perspectives and Tactics for Music Conceptualized As Experience
François J. Bonnet & Gérard Pelé, Experimentum, Notes on Trials, Tests and Experiments
Pierre Hemptinne, Experimental Listening and the Shock Wave
Samon Takahashi, Out-siders. Experiments on the vinyl medium

Unaccomplished Logics
Sarah Benhaïm, Noise experimentation: Re(the)search for Freedom
James Whitehead, Two Experiments
Josselin Minier, The Movement of Zero and One Made Audible: the Click and the Kinetic Simulation of Digital Music
Julien Ottavi, Sound scope and sensory ubiquity: The networked field of listening and audio experimentation

George Brecht, The Origin of ‘Events'
A Water Yam's Inventory


Branden W. Joseph, From Experimental to Experiential Music: Reflections on Jacques Attali's Noise
Ghédalia Tazartès, All Music Is Mystical or Has No Precise Meaning
Miguel Prado Casanova, Geotraumatic Evacuation of the Voice
Jim Haynes, On the Decline Effect
Taku Sugimoto, Logic and Notation


Steve Goodman, Sonic Warfare, by Catherine Guesde
Benjamin Piekut, Experimentalism Otherwise, by Ed Crooks
Larry Austin & Douglas Kahn (eds.), Source: Music of the Avant-Garde, by Céline Prunneaux
Free Improvisation in Berlin and France, by Loïc Bertrand

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