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ProxemicsSelected Writings (1988-2006)

table of contents
Preface - How Are WeGoing to Behave?
Günther Forg (1989)
Allan McCollum (1988/1989)
Time Files: James Coleman (1991)
Lawrence Weiner (1990)
Food (1993)
John Baldessari: Guide Yourself through the Gallery (1995)
Felix Gonzalez-Torres: Obituary (1996)
Allen Ruppersberg and too many Books
and too much Coffee: Feeling Queasy (1999)
Barbara Kruger and the De-lamination of Signs: Peasant Uprisings in 17th-Century France, Russia and China (2002)
Donald Judd (2004)
Michael Asher: Fenced, Unfenced, Refenced (2004)
Curating for Pleasure & Profit (1.993)
Liam Gets a Serial Killer Annoyed (1.994)
Statements for a Lecture on Conceptual Art (1.995)
Ill Tempo: The Corruption of Time in Recent Art (1.996)
Künstlerhaus Stuttgart: A Viable Place: Der Umbau Raum (1996)
Collaborative Strategies in a Shifting Context. We just Walked In (1999)
From Quebec 1907 to Stockholm 2000: What If We Attempted to Address that which Seems so Apparent? (2000)
Kunstverein München. Claiming Contingent Space (2003)
Driving Past a Building with a Camera Strapped to my Friend (2004)
Contingent Factors: A Response to Claire Bishop's 'Antagonism and Relational Aesthetics' (2005)
Les Ateliers du Paradise, Air de Paris, Nice (1990)
Reasons to Like the Work of Karen Kilimnik (1992)
From a Truncated Correspondance (Simile: Beily Laugh). Forget about the Bail and Get on with the Game (1995)
A Correspondence between Douglas Gordon and Liam Gillick. Sailing Alone around the World (1997)
Prevision. Should the Future Help the Past? (1998)
Lothar Hempel's Rigged Rooms: Surviving Survival (1998)
Exterior Day. Pierre Huyghe and the Role of the Implicated Player (1999)
Cerith Wyn Evans and the Devastation of Meaning: Style and Council (2001)
Angela Bulloch and the Phantom Question: Mass Observation (2002)
249 Ice Sculpture/Important Postmen: Philippe Parreno (1995)
Jorge Pardo. It Is It, Is It Not: Reclaiming Contingent Space (2003)
Outsiding: Rirkrit Tiravanija's Places (2004)
Now I See. One Work By Anri Sala (2006)
277 Utopia Station. For a ... Functional Utopia (2003)
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