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Un art sans identité

table of contents
In the suburb of the sublime by Nicolas Bourriaud

Jacques Charlier, art's way by Denys Riout

THE 1960'S AND 80'S by Jean-Michel Botquin

Provincial Technical Service: 1964-1975
Professional Landscapes
Pen wipers, table protections and other activities Underground piping

Total's: 1965-1968

Absolute Zone: 1968-1970

Humoristic Drawing: 1969-1976

Ian Wilson
Barbara Reise
Gerry Schum
Konrad Fischer

Paris Biennial: 1971

Openings: 1974-1975

I/We, Salto/Arte

Photos-skits: 1974-1976

Musical Activities: 1979-1985


Vanishing Point by Denis Gielen

Tracking art by Jacques Charlier

The time for repairs by Sergio Bonati

Letter to a contemporary art lover by Jacques Charlier

For the Love of Art by Sergio Bonati
Suggestions for table provocations or false rumor Suggestions for heavy conversations
Suggestions for light conversations
Books for trains and planes

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