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Early Video Art and Experimental Films Networks

table of contents

The Diffuse Networks of Video Art and the Institutionalization of Artists' Films in the 1970s
François Bovier

Part 1 – Early Video Art

“The Medium is the Network”
The Impact Group and the Emergence of Video Art in French-speaking Switzerland
François Bovier

“Inside/Outside the Museum”?
The Art/Video Confrontation 74 Exhibition and the Early Reception of Video Art by the Museum in France
Larisa Dryansky

Cosetta G. Saba

International Open Encounters On Video:
The Role of the Art and Communication Center (CAYC) in Buenos Aires in International Video Art Networks during the 1970s
Katarzyna Cytlak

“We Had a Media God, and it Was Called the Signal” A Conversation with Steina and Woody Vasulka
François Bovier & Tristan Lavoyer

To the Control Tower: WGBH and the Reprogramming of American Television
Kris Paulsen

Assemblage (1968) as Strategy:
Collaborative Production and Collective Reception at the Origins of Artists' Television
Andrew V. Uroskie

Part 2 – Exhibiting Experimental Film

On New Forms in Film and Other Exhibitions
A Conversation with Annette Michelson
Adeena Mey

A History of Cinema according to Peter Kubelka (and Annette Michelson)
Enrico Camporesi

The Case of Anthology Film Archives and the Formation of a Canonical Film Avant-Garde
Kristen Alfaro

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