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The Thought of BecomingGilles Deleuze's Poetics of Life

table of contents
I. Introduction: On Ethics and Poetics
II. “To Express!” or the Thought of Immanence: Spinoza
1. Ontology vs. Analogy
2. Univocity vs. Equivocation
3. Expression vs. Representation
III. “To Endure!” or the Thought of Difference: Bergson
1. Intuition vs. Analysis
2. Differences in Kind vs. Differences of Degree
3. Time of the Virtual vs. Space of the Possible
IV. “To Affirm!” or the Thought of Repetition: Nietzsche
1. Pluralism vs. Metaphysics
2. Force vs. Subject
3. Repetition vs. Sameness
V. “To Become!” or Deleuze's Poetics of Life
1. “A life…: everywhere!”
2. “To think!” as Amor Fati
3. “To become!” as ethos

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