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The Digital Subject

table of contents
Claire Larsonneur, Arnaud Regnauld and Pierre Cassou-Noguès

Politics of the Self

The Cognitive Nonconscious and Automated Trading Algorithms
N. Katherine Hayles

From Psychopower to Neuropower
Bernard Stiegler

The Probability of Sense in the Hypermnesiac Machine
Lydia H. Liu

Digital World-Forming

Computation and Subjectivity
Jean-Michel Salanskis

Memory Disorders: Memory Forms
Patrick Vauday

Prosthetics and Traces

Digital Traces: More, or Less, than Phantoms?
François-David Sebbah

Introduction to Digital Dementia
Marcel O'Gorman

The Challenges of Memory: Between Hypermnesia and Forgetting
Renée Bourassa

The Organization of Archives and Metadata in Hypermnesiac Contexts
Éric Méchoulan

Blank Page and Oblivion

Clichés and the Blank Page: For a Politics of Creativity, Imagination and Memory
Dominic Smith

“A divergent elsewhere”: Erasure and Layering in Tree of Codes by Jonathan Safran Foer and The Desert by Jen Bervin
Gwen Le Cor

In Praise of Forgetfulness (Notes on Literature in Times of Crisis)
Stéphane Vanderhaeghe



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