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Palais #16

table of contents
Monograph: Fabrice Hyber
Fabrice Hyber in conversation with Théo Mercier, Pierre Giquel, Pascal Rousseau, Jacqueline Frydman

Special project
Markus SchinwaldOverture
Edited by Alexis Vaillant

Monograph: Neïl Beloufa
Not to understand: Neïl Beloufa
— Text: Gaël Charbau

Focus 1 - 4
Thierry Liegeois, Jonathan Binet, Henrik Potter, Maxime Chanson
Interviews by: Marc Bembekoff, Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel, Sandra Adam-Couralet, Sinziana Ravini

Special project
Ryan GanderIt's a Hang ! (The things you make they mock you, the things you make they mimic you)

Main feature

Introduction: Imagination Adrift
— Text: Julien Fronsacq

The disappearence of chance
— Editorial project & texts: Jill Gasparina

1. The taming of chance
— Texts: Melanie Gilligan, Dunne & Raby, Oliver Laric, Nathaniel Mellors
2. The project era
— Texts: Boris Groys, Holis Frampton, Stewart Brand
3. The flâneur and the onanist
— Texts: Adam Greenfield, Eli Pariser, Vilém Flusser
4. How free is free ?
— Texts: David Robbins, John Miller, André Gorz, Liam Gillick
5. Confused lines
— Texts: Éric Duyckaerts, Tony Oursler, Camiel van Winkel, Pierre Vadi

Focus 5 - 8
Éponine Momenceau, Mimosa Échard, Iván Argote, GALERIE UTOPIA
Interviews by: Pierre Malachin, Daria de Beauvais, Manuel Segade, Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel

Special project
Helen MartenEvian Disease (Work in Progress)

Monograph: Damir Očko
The space inside music:
Damir Očko in conversation with Daniele Balit
Damir Očko - SPRING

Alexandre Kojève, the photographer as the sage
— Text: Boris Groys

The Pavillon - A Collection of Scores

And also
Autoportraits palindromiques
A project by Christian Marclay for this issue

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