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Volume – What You See Is What You Hear #02

table of contents

Anthony McCall by Daniele Balit
Vittorio Santoro by Daniel Kurjakovic
Loreto Troncoso Martinez by Kathy Alliou
Benjamin Seror by Elfi Turpin
Anna Barham by Vanessa Desclaux


Radiotopia by Manuel Cirauqui
Despoesia – From verbivoco-visual poetry to the spatialization of words / by Audrey Illouz
An evening of poetry and other inspiring speeches / by Franck Leibovici


Please ask to hear the artworks – Mathieu Copeland / by Anne-Lou Vicente and Raphaël Brunel


Artur Zmijewski – The Singing Lesson : Deaf Jam / by Raphaël Brunel


Marcelline Delbecq - Repertory
Encyclopédie de la parole – Le Feuilleton
Christian Alandete – Zone Where the Signified Emerges

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