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table of contents
Pierre Emmanuel Reviron

Chapter 1

About LAb[au]
Biography + maps

Chapter 2 – Theory

Eléonore Schöffer – Cybernetics
Annette Doms – Generative aesthetics and process design
Marius Watz – Closed systems
MetaDesign – LAb[au]

Chapter 3-7

Generative systems
f555 notations, m0za1que, PixFlow #1, PixFlow #2, Generative Art Console, Swarm.Dots, TVOD

Analytic systems
hisTHORy, Liquid Space Catalogue, Lightscapes, gamevillage, transite, chrono.prints, chrono.tower

Performative systems

Liquid Space, Man in e.Space, MediaRuimte, sPACE Navigable Music, Particle Synthesis, Polygon Den[c]ity, spectr|a|um

Reactive systems

Binary Waves, EOD02, silo.scope, t.field, Who's afraid of Red, Green and Blue?, weather.tower

Interactive systems
12m4s, Framework f5x5x5, Point and Line to Plane computed in seconds, Touch, enJEUx

Connective systems
city.scpaes, i-skin
LAb[au]: other title

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