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High PriceArt Between the Market and Celebrity Culture

table of contents

Chapter One
The Triumphant Progress of Market Success

The Market as Arbiter of Art?
Art as a Special Kind of Commodity
Symbolic Value, or: The Price of the Priceless
Market Value and Symbolic Value
Freedom Leads to Fame: Gustave Courbet
Courbet, or: The Authority of Market Value
Damien Hirst and the Return of Material Value That Was Years Ago
The Omnipresence of Ranking
The Market in the Mind
Too Early, Too Late: Market Success Versus Symbolic Relevance
The Rise of the Market as an End in Itself
The Religion of Success
Expansion of the Market Zone
What Kind of Market Is the Art Market?
Art and Its Markets
Place and Time of the Market, or: Welcome to the Office
The Anti-Commercial Pose
Polarization and Protest

Chapter Two
Beyond the Dualistic Art / Market Model

When Commercial Success Isn't Everything: The Artist's Artist
Art as Operation
Beyond Market Phobia and Market Euphoria
The Celebrity Artist as a Target for Hostility (Julian Schnabel)
Expanded Professional Profiles
Cooperate 'til You Drop
Why Did Art Become So Popular?
The Artist as a Prototype of the Entrepreneurial Self

Chapter Three
Art World and Artwork in the Age of Market Conformity

The End of the Fixed-Profile Gallery
Restructuring the Dealer-Critic System
External, Internal, and Self-Imposed Purposes
The Artwork as Precursor to the Commodity
Making the Conditions of Production Transparent?
Artworks and Luxury Goods: Close Relatives or Distant Acquaintances?
The Market and the Autonomy of Its Product
From Relative Autonomy to Relative Heteronomy
The Art World as an “Industry Engaged in Producing Visuality and Meaning”
Give and Take
The Economy of Aesthetic Judgments of Taste

Chapter Four
Market-Reflexive Gestures in Celebrity Culture

Internalized Norms in the Neoliberal Regime
The Biopolitical Turn
Art and Artists as Purveyors of Life
Exceptional Beings and Celebrities
How Much of a Product Is a Person?
From Market Expansion to Celebrity Culture
Warhol Lives: Between Star and Celebrity
Authentically Staged Life
Life and Work
The Flipside of Celebrity: Warhol as Productive Fan
The Tyranny of Looking Good
For and Against the Market: Andy Warhol
Art as Market-Reflexive Gesture?
The Artist as Market Strategist?
Market Reflexivity Demands Hubris: Courbet and Klein
The Power of Public Image
The Self-Portrait as Propaganda Zone
Between Art Trade and Auction House: Marcel Duchamp and Damien Hirst
Seminal Moments of Market Reflexivity
Conceptual Market-Reflexive Gestures
Market Reflexivity After the Bioeconomic Turn: Andrea Fraser and Merlin Carpenter
Sell Yourself! (Andrea Fraser)
Emptying and Non-Performance: Merlin Carpenter

Final Remarks: The Value of Criticism

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