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Images & (re)presentationsThe Eighties – Second Part

table of contents
Yves Aupetitallot – Foreword

Gregory L. Ulmer – The object of Post-Criticism

Thomas Lawson – Last Exit: Painting

Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen – Werner Büttner and Albert Oehlen (interview)

Peter Nagy – From critism to complicity

Peter Fuller – Art and Psychoanalysis

Catherine Francblin – Interview with Julia Kristeva

Helena Kontova – From Performance to Painting

Peter Halley – The Crisis in Geometry

Germano Celant – A Visual Machine (Art Installation and Its Modern Archetypes)

Rudi Fuchs – Ouverture, Arte Contemporanea. Castello di Rivoli

Judith Barry – Dissenting Spaces

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