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Stained Portfolio: On the Life and Work of Justine Frank

1. A Present Without A Past: Antwerp, 1900–1925
2. “Innovative Smoke”: Paris, 1925–1928
3. The Eye and the Sweat: Paris, 1929–1934
4. A Private World War: Tel Aviv, 1934–1940
5. “Where is the Winged Camel?” Tel Aviv, 1940–1943

Sweet Sweat, A Novel (1931)

1. A Rubbing Child
2. Smell Epiphany
3. Knowledge and Its Spoils
4. A New Leadership
5. The Romanian Cook
6. Intestine Dumpling
7. Peasants' Supper
8. Afghan Monkey
9. The Intercourse of Dream and Reality
10. A Letter
11. A Ballad
12. The Animist
13. Modern Man
14. The Death of Marat
15. Menorah and Broom
16. Restoration
17. A Conversation Regarding a Shadow
18. Budding New Cunts
19. Doubting Thomas
20. The Blind Vagina
21. A Wedding
22. Epilogue

Glaat-Kosher Surrealist Smut: Reading Sweet Sweat


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