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Spaces for Reflection

Gili Tal - Spaces for Reflection
Spaces for Reflection, the series of works printed in this volume, while not exhibited at the Kunstverein Braunschweig was intimately linked to the conception of that exhibition. Addressing the practice of scrolling through image feeds of nearly empty white rooms online, these pictures of the artist's computer screen are imbued with distancing qualities: loss of resolution, loss of contrast, a misty dimming of light, reflections, and the moiré pattern over their surfaces, inviting to reckon and question our contemporary viewing conventions.
Gili Tal was born in 1983 in Tel Aviv. She holds a BFA from Camberwell College of Art and a MA from Goldsmiths College, both in London.
Gili Tal's works examine our understanding of public and urban life by appropriating strategies from various genres of commercial photography, including the proliferation of exhibition photography online—that is, the one that intimates communication of information outwards whilst simultaneously (maybe not deliberately), withdrawing, turning in.
Edited by Raoul Kloofer.
Text by Oliver Corino.

Graphic design: Luigi Amato.
published in November 2021
English edition
16 x 24 cm (softcover)
80 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 979-12-80579-00-3
EAN : 9791280579003
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