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Ode to Happiness (Japanese edition)

The Japanese edition (with the original English text) of Keanu Reeves' poem illustrated by Alexandra Grant.
Ode to Happiness, originally published in English in 2011, features a darkly humorous illustrated poem in the form of a sorrowful monologue by Keanu Reeves paired with sumi ink drawings by Alexandra Grant. This Japanese language version of Ode to Happiness is translated by beloved Japanese poet, Shuntaro Tanikawa. The book has been printed in Japan using traditional techniques and binding, and features a leaflet of the original English poem.
Alexandra Grant (born 1973 in Fairview Park, Ohio, lives and works in Los Angeles) is an American artist who uses language, literature, and exchanges with writers as the basis for her work in painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography. She is a founding member, with Keanu Reeves, of X Artists' Books.
American-Canadian actor and writer Keanu Reeves (born 1964 in Beirut) is the founder, with Alexandra Grant, of X Artists' Books.
Translated from the English by Shuntaro Tanikawa.
2021 (publication expected by 4th quarter)
bilingual edition (English / Japanese)
Alexandra Grant, Keanu Reeves: other title

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