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Spectre #01 – Pornographie minérale

 - Spectre #01
A collective photographic series focusing on the on the subject of agalmatophilia—the sexual attraction for statues.
With Julia Andréone, Clara Bahlsen, Gilles Beaujard, Julien Carreyn, Camille Denoix, Simon de Dreuille, Antoine Espinasseau, Pauline Hisbacq, Mathieu Gargam, Célestin Krier, Edward Lane, Thomas Mailaender, Mathieu Maimbourg, Benoît Maire, Giaime Meloni, Livio Mosca, Thomas Petitjean, Christine Phung, Chloé B. Rombaldi, Heloise Schwab, Elena J. Seejers, Assaf Shoshan, Nicolas Sisto, Camille Vivier, Sybille Walter, Cyrille Weiner.

Spectre is a series of iconographic works, in which major contemporary artists produce a collective work on a shared theme.
Edited by Mathias Gervais de Lafond.
published in September 2018
French edition
24,5 x 31 cm (softcover)
160 pages (color & b/w ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-9557010-2-7
EAN : 9782955701027
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Spectre Spectre Spectre Spectre Spectre Spectre

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