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Lao-TzuOr the Way of the Dragon

Miriam Henke, Jérôme Meyer-Bisch - Lao-Tzu
To find the way of Wisdom with Lao-Tzu.
In Lao-Tzu, or the Way of The Dragon, we follow the ancient Chinese philosopher who founded Taoism, from the comet that announced his birth up to his inspired composition, more than fifty years later, of the Tao Te Ching, the Book of the Way. In body and mind an old sage from birth, Lao-Tzu devotes his life to deciphering the endless book of the world. But he soon becomes frustrated with the silliness of human order, impatient kings, and greedy people, and rides off on the back of a water buffalo in search of the Way. He encounters clouds that solidify under his feet, a cave guarded by a golden monkey, and the venerable Confucius himself, and ultimately finds the wisdom of the dragon already residing deep in his own heart.
Plato & Co. introduces children—and curious grown-ups—to the lives and work of famous philosophers, from Descartes to Socrates, Einstein, Marx, and Wittgenstein. Each book in the series features an engaging—and often funny—story that presents basic tenets of philosophical thought alongside vibrant color illustrations. Plato & Co.'s clear approach and charming illustrations make this series the perfect addition to any little library.
Miriam Henke (born in Germany, lives and works in Paris) works as a translator. She studied Chinese literature and has traveled extensively in Asia.
Jérôme Meyer-Bisch studied illustration at the École des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg. He lives in Paris and works on very diverse projects including animated films, book covers, cookbooks, websites, and guidebooks.
Translated from the French by Jordan Lee Schnee (original title: Lao Tseu ou la voie du dragon, Les petits Platons, 2010).
published in May 2018
English edition
14,8 x 21,6 cm (hardcover)
64 pages (64 color ill.)
ISBN : 978-3-03580-096-8
EAN : 9783035800968
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