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The Rising Of Matteo (CD)

Stefan Roigk [see all titles]
Stefan Roigk - The Rising Of Matteo (CD)
New composition by Berlin-based sound artist Stefan Roigk: a highly dynamic and eclectic ride between directed feature, audio-art and faked diary.
Out of field-recordings made during an artist-residency in Milano and the audio material of his recent installations, Roigk molds spatially complex and overlapping plattforms for tedious noises playing sonic protagonists in an exclusively acoustic audible theatre piece. The hypnotic swarms of organic chants, cascades of rustles, rattles and drones, short cracklings, scratches and moments of exhausting compressions or restfully silence generate a rousing maelstrom of fragmentated narrations with expressive gestures. From density to decay and from intimacy to vast, Roigk creates a dense and highly differentiated composition of intense associations and dramatic film-like atmospheres.
Limited edition of 350 copies.
Stefan Roigk is a multi-disciplinary artist living in berlin. Roigk deals with the borders between sound collages, sculptures, installations, film and graphical scores. His artistic strategy lays in the combination of different types of media to one single composition.
published in April 2015
French edition
CD in jewel case with 6-panel leporello insert
in stock

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