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Some/things #05 – She Has No Strings Apollo (+ DVD)

 - Some/things #05
The Earth, its surface, the transformation of matter, through time and cultures (with Pierre Gonnord, Šarūnas Bartas, David Maisel, Michael Nyman, Naoya Hatakeyama, Theo Angelopoulos, Eleni Karaindrou, Athina Kazolea & Alex Massavetas, Rick Owens, Hans Danuser, Mona Hatoum, Carol Christian Poell, Steve McCurry, Nora Renaud, Lawrence Durrell, Dustin Edward Arnold & Nicholas Alan Cope, Kenro Izu, Mote Sinabel, Jacques & Adrien Dirand, Juliaan Lampens, Max Richter, Jonnine Standish & Nigel Yang, Tom Kundig, Bernhard Edmaier...)
Chapter005 opens with Pierre Gonnord's Caravaggio-esque portraits of people living in the margins of contemporary spanish society. The work of award-winning photojournalist Steve McCurry (photographer of National Geographic's ‘Afghan Girl') focusing on his portraits of men shot in Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan— also images from the Gulf war & Kuwait oil fires in 1991. This is accompanied by a unique testimony from Dr. Adel Al-Yousifi, one of the few native Kuwaiti's to document architectural devastation during & after the conflict.
A previously unpublished series depicting Rajasthani stepwells (200-950ad) by acclaimed interior photographer Jacques Dirand & his son Adrien; as well as works from Naoya Hatakeyama's ‘Underground' series to coincide with the upcoming ‘Natural Stories' exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. David Maisel's images depicting the destruction of the environment by the mining industry in North America; dead craters by Some/things past-contributor Bernhard Edmaier; as well as a curated selection of works & conversation with rarely interviewed artist Mona Hatoum.
An interview between Šarunas Bartas & his partner Jurga Dikciuviene, accompanied by previously unpublished rushes from his film ‘A Casa'; a substantial feature on Greek director Theo Angelopoulos, with previously unpublished material from ‘Ulysses' Gaze' (Grand Jury Prize, Cannes, 1995), with Harvey Keitel. Recollections from Theo Angelopoulos' long-time collaborator & one of Greece's most renowned composers Eleni Karaindrou. An intimate conversation with composer/director Michael Nyman; interviews with contemporary pianist & composer Max Richter (his acclaimed album The Blue Notebooks recorded with Tilda Swinton); also Jonnine Standish & Nigel Yang of HTRK. Architectural features include previously unpublished projects from Tom Kundig (Olson Kundig Architects) as well as works by distinguished Belgian architect Juliaan Lampens (in collaboration with the Juliaan Lampens Doundation).
Fashion editorial with artist Nora Renaud shot in the Byzantine hall of l'Ambassade de Roumanie— formerly the hôtel particulier of Comtesse Martine de Béhague. Infused with Middle Eastern aesthetics— layering textures— rough fabrics, knits, leather, exquisite furs and silks— with pieces from the Gareth Pugh archives.
Chapter005 features reportage from the guidi tannery in Tuscany; Milan-based, Austrian designer Carol Christian Poell's installation ‘Squartter'; and also a first-ever interview with Paul Harnden, accompanied by stills from his super-8 short film— co-produced with Some/things Agency— documenting one of the oldest pattern mills in the United Kingdom. Each copy of Chapter005 includes a limited edition DVD of the film.
also includes a look at the inspiration for Rick Owens' unreleased perfume— which may or may never be made available— entitled ‘The Smell of Dying Lilies', photographed by Monika Bielskyte in collaboration with the Musée Gustave Moreau in Paris. As part of this collaboration, all copies of Some/things Magazine Chapter005 come with Rick Owens cashmere wrap, scented with the unreleased perfume— an exclusive, yet ephemeral, worldwide avant-première.
Hand numbered copies from 1 to 3000.

Some/things Magazine is a Paris-based curated project in the form of a luxury book, employing the finest recycled paper stock, the highest quality printing techniques, and environmentally responsible production methods.
First published in 2009, each issue has a distinct conceptual theme and provides extensive insight into the inspiration of its featured contributors. Instead of conventional advertising, Some/things produces commissioned editorial content, which makes no distinction from the exclusive artist features.
Favouring long-term relationships and ongoing projects, the editorial team is granted an unprecedented entrance into the world of the featured personalities and brands, working with some of the most renowned and visionary figures in the fields of art, design, architecture, cinema, music, fashion, cuisine, science, and technology.

See also Some/things #06 – The Dark Labyrinth.
published in 2011
English edition
26 x 26 cm (box set)
384 pages (color & b/w ill.)
sold out
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