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Drawings & Models1945-2010

Introductory remark
(p. 5)

This book presents a very large selection of my drawings, models and photographs. the material is not ordered in a strict chronology, nor does it follow the coherence of various topics.
I have been developing and redeveloping some of the work and ideas during 50 years. At least for me, they never lost their actuality.
One of the objectives of this publication is to present the diversity of my interests. The documents come from the collection of my slides (about 3000) which I did use for my academic lectures.
I did not add the texts (except some short captions). They can be found in my books (about 35). Most of the original manuscripts are preserved in the collection of the Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles.
Marianne Homiridis initiated the book and has done the scanning, the layout and presentation by Franck Gautherot.

Yona Friedman
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