les presses du réel

How do you want me ?

p. 11-15

“How do you want me?” is the question many people ask when posing for posterity at a wedding or in a high-street studio. In other words “What is the best way for me to look?”, “What's my best side?”
After years of simply presenting work to people, I wanted to present myself as the work. A want people to have to digest me by making myself as fabulously exotic as possible. Yet this is a fake exoticism, like the fake rip-off Versace style prints in the backdrops.
I wanted to be chameleon-like and anoymous to disappear and re-appear camoufalged against the background. The anonymity of the Mask increases the feeling of threat: as soon as I put it on I became the character. The characters in the photographs reflect a whirlwind of change and insecurity. I may walk around London acting geial, but then I'm also, on a shadow level. These figures are who I am.
Hew Locke: other title

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