Visualizing Portuguese Power - The Political Use of Images in Portugal and its Overseas Empire (16th–18th Century)
English edition
This publication offers new insights into the broad and differentiated spectrum of functions images could assume in political contexts in those areas dominated by the Portuguese in early modern times. How were objects and artifacts staged and handled to generate new layers of meaning and visualize political ideas and concepts? And what were the respective reasons, means, and effects of the visualization of Portuguese power and politics?
The Public in the Picture - Involving the Beholder in Antique, Islamic, Byzantine, Western Medieval and Renaissance Art
texts in English and in German
The invention of depicting figures participating in an event marks an important change in the ways artists addressed the beholder of the artworks themselves. The contributions of this volume describe this moment from a diachronic and transcultural perspective, while each of them focuses on a specific group of works revealing a new moment in this history.
Multiples in Pre-Modern Art
texts in English and German
This collection of essays explores the making and the reception of artifacts before the nineteenth century. It addresses media such as metal, wax, plaster, terracotta, textiles, marble, ivory, porcelain, canvases and tables in an attempt to re-assess the current identification of the mediality of prints with that of pre-modern “multiples” in general.

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