Nahmad Contemporary

Publications by the New York-based gallery Nahmad Contemporary, specialized in leading Contemporary artists who rose to prominence during the 1980s, and a selection of Modern masters from the 20th century.
The scope of Nahmad Contemporary's program includes exhibitions that historicize Contemporary artists by illuminating a distinct series, medium, or focus within their oeuvre.
Additionally, the gallery features Modern masters to inspire contemporary perspectives on particular works from their canon.
Further pivotal to Nahmad Contemporary's program are the thematic shows that feature a vibrant selection of artists in dialogue across generations and geographical spheres.
On occasion, the gallery stages exhibitions showcasing recent works by select artists working today.
Warhol Wool Guyton
English edition
This catalogue traces the trajectory of Warhol's influence on the work of Wool and Guyton. The innovative print processes deployed by the artists operate as conceptual fibers unifying the diversity of paintings oscillating between abstraction and representation. With an essay by Glenn O'Brien.
Rudolf Stingel - 2000-2003
English edition
Over the past twenty years, Italian-born artist Rudolf Stingel has been expanding and redefining the scope of painting through innovative and radical processes. This catalogue features works from the pivotal Styrofoam and Celotex series and includes an essay by curator Francesco Bonami.

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