Christophe Guiraud

The early works of Christophe Guiraud (born in Toulouse, lives and works in Brussels and Paris) come from alternative rock, free jazz and harsh noise (Tellemake, 2 records on Angström Records). His more recent pieces mixed the beauty of the polyphonies of Ars Nova (14th century) and noise. This nonesuch hybridation creates a music easily recognizable, at the same time harmonious and deeply intense. Christophe Guiraud composes for a few important ensembles and performers like Ictus, Ensemble 21, Sturm und Klang, Kwartludium, Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles, Fractales, Stephane Ginsburgh, Tom Pauwels. Regularly invited at festivals Sonar, Le Printemps de Septembre, Loop, Nuits du Beau Tas et Ars musica.

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Christophe Guiraud - Hiera picra Hellébores (Collection 2011-2016) (2 CD)
French edition
Sub Rosa
2 CD set gathering instrumental pieces from this last five years. Christophe Guiraud uses old instruments such as the Hotteterre flute, the viola da gamba or the viola bass, combining them with electronics.

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