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Matali Crasset, David Bihanic - Matrices
Faced with the ecological peril, what can design and archarchitecture itecture do but encourage and accompany modes and ways of living that maintain a renewed relationship with nature? Based on realizations and projects, Matali Crasset and David Bihanic share the writing of this book, seeking together, between testimony and analysis, to characterize a design of matrices.
Matali Crasset (born 1965 in Chalons en Champagne, lives and works in Paris) has a background in industrial design. As exemplified by one of her emblematic objets, the column of hospitality When Jim goes to Paris, Crasset questions the evidence of the codes that govern our daily life, in order to free oneself from it and to experiment. Thus she develops new typologies articulated around principles such as modularity, appropriation, flexibility, and network. Her work is characterized by the refusal of pure shape, and is thought as a dynamic research made of hypothesis. She collaborates in various fields such as handicraft, electronic music, scenography, furniture design, graphic design, and interior design. Matali Crasset spent her childhood in a small village in the north of France, in a farm where work and life were intimately bound.
designer, founder of the fxdesignstudio (fxds) digital design agency, co-founder of Athom Editions, also Associate Professor at the University of Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne—Permanent Researcher at the ACTE Research Institute, and Associated Researcher (honorary member) responsible for Digital Affairs at the CALHISTE Laboratory (Culture, Arts, Literature, History of Societies and Foreign Territories) as well as Senior Research Fellow at EnsADLab (Art and Design Research Laboratory of the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs—EnsAD), David Bihanic examines the different paradigms of visualization and manipulation of large and complex datasets—it deals with recent design attempts in order to present multi-dimensional data graphically by mapping data and properties to different visual shapes, colors, and positions (e.g. experimental works which investigate novel ways of exploring information). Building on the cognitive-aesthetics analysis of visual organizations of information, he explores new avenues and opportunities for data design (data visualization aesthetics, and creative informatics). His work spans the whole spectrum, from theory to implementation techniques and applications. David Bihanic is an accomplished professional with more than 15 years of experience in creative design industries. He published several books and book chapters, as well as numerous scientific articles relating to the new stakes of design (considering the linkages between Design and Engineering Sciences); he then takes an active part in the evolution and transformations occurring in this field. His research is also centered upon new "end-user" interfaces (map-like, tangible, relationship-based interfaces, etc.).
Texts by Matali Crasset and David Bihanic.

Graphic design: David Bihanic.

Copublished by Les presses du réel & Athom.
published in November 2022
French edition
10,5 x 18 cm (softcover)
136 pages (ill.)
ISBN : 978-2-37896-356-9
EAN : 9782378963569
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