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Light Boiled like Liquid Soap

Wilfrid Almendra - Light Boiled like Liquid Soap
Light Boiled like Liquid Soap is an immersive installation by Wilfrid Almendra featuring radio transmissions and a series of sculptural elements made of copper, plaster, and silicone in various states of dematerialization. Combining found and repurposed materials, the works attest to notions of desire, circulation, and flux, from protective spaces of retreat to global economies of exchange.
The seventh volume in the Fogo Island Arts publication series accompanies the eponymous exhibition curated by Alexandra McIntosh and Nicolaus Schafhausen and presented at the Fogo Island Art Gallery in 2016. Richly illustrated with color photographs of Almendra's installation, the book features a critical essay by Anne Faucheret, a work of speculative fiction by Nicolas Idier, poetry by Jorge Armando Sousa, and a conversation between Wilfrid Almendra, Alexandra McIntosh, and Nicolaus Schafhausen.
Born in 1972, Wilfrid Almendra lives and works in Cholet (France).Born 1972 in Cholet (France), Franco-Portuguese artist Wilfrid Almendra lives and works in Marseille (France) and Casario (Portugal).
Edited by Alexandra McIntosh and Nicolaus Schafhausen.
Contributions by Wilfrid Almendra, Anne Faucheret, Nicolas Idier, Alexandra McIntosh, Nicolaus Schafhausen, Jorge Armando Sousa.

Graphic design: Surface.
published in July 2019
English edition
15 x 21 cm (softcover)
116 pages (20 color ill.)
ISBN : 978-3-95679-474-2
EAN : 9783956794742
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