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Solution 257Complete Love – A novel

Ingo Niermann - Solution 257
Set during the 2011 Occupy movement, the tell of a love revolution started by an army of activists willing to bring justice and equality for all on an intimate level.
It's 2011, late summer. All over Europe, young people are occupying central public squares to demonstrate for more social justice. In Berlin, their agenda is different. The completists gathered at Alexanderplatz aspire for justice primarily on an intimate level. They believe that only when the redistribution of material wealth includes equal chances of finding sex and love—no matter how elderly, disabled, or ugly you are—communism will become real.

“I am thrilled with Complete Love. It is a completely strange universe that I am being plunged into. And Ingo Niermann describes it with poise.”
Elfriede Jelinek
Writer and journalist Ingo Niermann was born in 1969 in Bielefeld, Germany.
Graphic design: Zak Group.
published in September 2016
English edition
11,2 x 17,8 cm (softcover)
256 pages
ISBN : 978-3-95679-192-5
EAN : 9783956791925
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